Does this sound like you?

There you are: the all-reliable engineer. You code at lightning speed, ship fixes quickly, juggle tons of meetings, and squash bugs with ease. Your team has learned to rely on you, and who can blame them?

But what if things look too much like this lately?

It’s likely that you’ve learned to team-please long before management was part of the question. …

There’s been a lot of good news at BUNCH lately, but today I’ve got a bittersweet update to share about the Bunch Assessment, the SaaS platform we launched in 2017 for building high performance teams.

Sadly, we’ll be discontinuing the service after May 30th. This has been a tough decision, and I wanted to share more context with our loyal users.

Why did we decide to discontinue this service?

In short, we have to focus. We’re a small team with a big heart, and we truly care about helping our users build a high-performance culture. …

Nobody likes a micromanager. But when someone on your team isn’t delivering, it can be hard not to slip into bad habits.

Management Coach Jonathan Raymond has developed a communication framework — The Accountability Dial — which you can use to decide how to hold your team accountable but avoid sliding into “micromanager” territory.

The five levels to help increase accountability are:

Let’s get into the details of the dial in action…

1️⃣ The Mention

Let’s say your team has daily standups that help keep visibility high to minimize bottlenecks, and provided needed support.

You notice that your team member, Anna…

Leading through a screen has put a serious strain on teams and their keepers. How can you really convey passion, vision, thought processes, and empathy in that tiny Zoom window every day? This new way of working has forced leaders to be more intentional with how they lead and communicate.

To enable effective collaboration on his own team, James Trunk (VP of Engineering at Griffin) created his 9 decision principles.

In case you haven’t already read them, here they are:

List of decision principles: Long-term over short-term Simple over easy Fast feedback over silent failure Experiment over opinion Focus over context switching Learning over stagnation Transparency over tribes Trust over micromanagement Innovation over safe bets
List of decision principles: Long-term over short-term Simple over easy Fast feedback over silent failure Experiment over opinion Focus over context switching Learning over stagnation Transparency over tribes Trust over micromanagement Innovation over safe bets

Let’s dive into how James has defined and refined his principles, finishing off with some reflection questions and tactics so…

When you start building a new product as a startup, you always try to be quick and prove out assumptions with MVPs. Sometimes, when things move faster or go differently than planned, the MVP can turn into a product before you know it. You may not even have time to keep up and help it mature. When we launched Bunch in November 2020, we promised our users the best learning experience and we want to invest more in delivering on this promise.

The AI Coach we’ve shared with you all these past months was an MVP — born in a…

In a recent clubhouse event with Dr. Nicole Lipkin and Alexia Vernon, I heard a story about a woman who thought she was about to be fired.

She believed her work was terrible when compared to colleagues. She “knew” she wasn’t going to last much longer at her job. Upon digging further something interesting popped up. Not only was she not about to be fired… she actually received glowing testimonials from all co-workers!

Her negative self-talk and imposter syndrome blinded her from this truth. But the scariest thing is: what if her low confidence led to her work quality actually…

Many people think the opposite of distraction is focus — it’s not. The opposite of distraction is traction.

Traction is any action that pulls you towards what you said you’re going to do. Activities that are aligned with your values and help you be the person you want to be.

Distraction is any action that pulls you away from doing what you said you’re going to do.

Nir Eyal, the bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable, spent an hour on Clubhouse sharing tips to take control of your attention with BUNCH and The Week In Product. …

Thinking about taking a job at a startup? Here’s what you need to know.

As a 2x founder who has worked in environments from ultra-corporate (BMW) to consultancies, and now to a small, agile team at BUNCH, I’ve had to navigate both sides of the negotiation table. These days, I’m mostly on the founder’s side — hoping to bring on excellent talent that’s as excited about the future of BUNCH as I am.

Startups tend to be notorious for low-salary, high-perk packages. But that doesn’t mean working with a startup doesn’t come with a high return on investment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

By learning what to leverage and how to speak a…

We are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Bunch, an AI leadership coach that enables you to become a better leader in just 2 minutes a day with your morning coffee.

“I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy, to be told instead she’s a leader.”

Sheryl Sandberg

A recent study by Harvard Business Review showed women were not only rated better leaders in comparison to men, but especially so when it comes to leadership in a crisis. Female leaders inherently bring many factors to the table that make them inspiring and effective. At the female factor…

In 2017, I attended a VC event (GlobalCapitalSummit )on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. As a Berlin-based entrepreneur, I remember being so excited to get my chance to pitch real Bay Area VCs. Approaching the registration table at Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel, I was told that “[my] kind of services are not welcome here”.

As it turns out, a Russian-immigrant, female entrepreneur at a VC event was such a far-fetched idea that the hotel employee assumed I was a sex worker targeting wealthy VCs — not a founder looking for funding.

As a 2x founder and the CEO of…

Darja Gutnick

Co-founder, CEO at Bunch — Helping future leaders grow; bookworm, psychologist and relentless optimist. Grow | Inspire | Stay humble

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