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Darja Gutnick
4 min readApr 21, 2021

When you start building a new product as a startup, you always try to be quick and prove out assumptions with MVPs. Sometimes, when things move faster or go differently than planned, the MVP can turn into a product before you know it. You may not even have time to keep up and help it mature. When we launched Bunch in November 2020, we promised our users the best learning experience and we want to invest more in delivering on this promise.

The AI Coach we’ve shared with you all these past months was an MVP — born in a few creative conversations and a few Whatsapp groups we have been “playtesting” with — so we didn’t really think much about how successful it would be. Or how it would need to serve the over 20,000 leaders who have downloaded it since.

We hoped we would find folks like you all who are excited as we are about the future of collaboration and leadership. But since launch we basically had no time to revisit our architecture. As we grew our base of leaders, we started to notice that what works for an MVP or early-stage product…doesn’t necessarily scale to larger audience size. And we have big plans so…

We want to invest more into making our AI Coach scalable, nurturing its ability to grow, and making it the world’s best learning experience for our users.

So that’s why we decided… 🥁🥁🥁

To give the AI coach a better, more scalable and performant chassie and to level it up all around.

What does this mean exactly?

We’re embarking on a mission to (re)build the app with strong focus scalability and performance, switching our core codebase entirely from SwiftUI to the more mature UIKit. For anyone working in tech and startups, you’ll know this is a massive undertaking. But if you know Bunch, you know we’re ambitious and we deliver. So, here’s what’s ahead.

The road(map) ahead

In the next 2 months, we’ll be reworking the app — improving the overall performance and also making leaps and bounds in our user experience. We have high standards for what we want to deliver, so it’s time to buckle down!

What you know and love about Bunch — the 2-minute tips and the growing library of leadership knowledge — will all stay and we will double down on it. Did you know that we grew from 170 tips to 250 in just the last couple of weeks?

What’s more exciting is that this summer, we’re discovering and building exciting new features for you all. This includes better progression for your leadership journey, learning together with others, and more. It’s gonna be BIG!

So what does this mean for YOU?

Well, of course, you know that we absolutely adore our community. Where would we be without you all? We’ll be supporting you as always, but with some extra bits and bobs including:

  • Fresh tip collections for solving any leadership challenge
  • New tips from Bunch experts and community masters
  • Exciting opportunities to speak to expert leaders

In addition to this, we will of course be maintaining the current app and ensuring that it works. Keep sending your feedback and challenges our way — you know that we live for it!

We’re heads down on bringing you the most exciting version of Bunch yet. Get ready! We can’t wait to continue this mission to bring better leadership to the world 2 minutes at a time, together with you all!

In the meantime, we’ll see you in the app. 👋

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