How to lead through stress and uncertainty with military Special Forces trainer and coach

🚀 On influencing your team’s productivity

😫 On what to do when a key team member quits

🥵 On burnout prevention for your team

“What’s the ONE thing you can focus on accomplishing today?”

🛣 On leading through uncertainty

😅 On the biggest pitfalls of new leaders

🔥 On prioritizing the right fires

  1. Have clear criteria for prioritizing (eg. revenue generating, client satisfaction, thought leadership, time required, info available, etc). Write them on a post-it so you don’t have to try and remember them each time, and check regularly whether what you’re working on is really important.
  2. Don’t try to think of everything yourself. One Navy Seal I know will put together a plan and then put it in front of the team and ask, “What did I miss?” (He says this from a place of confidence, not insecurity.)

On making time for your personal development



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Darja Gutnick

Darja Gutnick

Co-founder, CEO at Bunch — Helping future leaders grow; bookworm, psychologist and relentless optimist. Grow | Inspire | Stay humble