Does this sound like you?

There you are: the all-reliable engineer. You code at lightning speed, ship fixes quickly, juggle tons of meetings, and squash bugs with ease. Your team has learned to rely on you, and who can blame them?

But what if things look too much like this lately?

  • You continue coding past your working hours
  • You get pulled into meetings and you don’t really need to be there
  • Your Product team is waiting on you to build out new features, but you’re still behind on work from last week

It’s likely that you’ve learned to team-please long before management was part of the question. …

Our Slack community, Teams at Work, recently had the pleasure of hosting an async AMA with Mathias Meyer. has experience leading high-performance tech teams and has led in co-founder, CEO, and CTO roles. He’s had 2 successful exits, and was one of the co-founders of Travis CI! He’s just launched The Intentional Organization to help other leaders be successful with their teams.

Here are some of the highlights from the AMA with Mathias:

🍎 On helping your team develop their skills and careers

Q: How do you create space for colleagues to learn new skills when everyone is focussed on delivering the current roadmap?

Mathias: I think you know the…

Merissa Silk, Chief Product & Technology Officer at fundingport, has been leading remote tech teams for 14 years. And in doing so, she’s learned her fair share of insider knowledge about the challenges and advantages of being a leader with only a virtual presence.

We interviewed Merissa to get some intel on her top tips for leading remote tech teams. If you’re a new manager, you’re in luck. Merissa had over a dozen tips on how to be a great leader without even being in the same room.

Here’s what she had to say:

👩‍⚖️ Setting the record straight

I’ve heard tons of misconceptions about…

Last week, our Slack community, Teams At Work, teamed up with Jossie Haines for an hour-long AMA (Ask Me Anything). Jossie is the VP of Engineering and Head of DE&I at Tile. She’s also lead award-winning teams at Apple and Zynga. For obvious reasons, the community was chomping at the bit to ask her some questions on tech, leadership, and diversity.

Here are the top takeaways from our Slack AMA with Jossie:

👐 On creating effective and fair leadership practices and principles

Q: What are your effective and fair leadership practices and principles?

Jossie: There are lots of them. My foundation is leading with empathy and really taking the time…

Question: What should I do when I need a solution, but it’s complex, I don’t have time to do it myself, and progress has been slow so far?

🥲 Here we go again…

You hurriedly handed off a project last week, which involved a few complex components. Your team member has started working on it, but progress is slow. You’re already spread thin working on other urgent priorities. Now you’re not sure if they’ll get it done on time.

There’s a big difference between what you probably want to do (scream, tear out your hair, do it yourself, give up) and what will resolve the…

How many times have you thought of an exciting new initiative, only for it to get shot down or met with unexpected resistance when you bring it to your team? 🥲

Getting buy-in is critical in bringing about change, but it can be hard work and take much longer than you expected.

Mathias Meyer, an Executive Leadership Coach to CTOs and Technical Founders says “It’s all about providing your team with an image of what’s possible…invite them to contribute on how you can get towards this beautiful future that’s on the horizon.”

Here are 3 go-to phrases to help you…

If you’re a chronic people-pleaser, you might know deep down that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Even so, you may continue taking on more tasks, responsibility, and grief until eventually you burn out.

The truth is that people-pleasing isn’t about whether or not you’re a good person. Rather, it’s a fixation on what others think, and an assumption that you are responsible for controlling other people’s emotions — when in fact, the only one you can control is yourself!

If you’re in a leadership role, people-pleasing becomes even more impossible. It often feels like pushing back or saying “no”…

If you had 30 minutes to ask a tech leadership coach and mentor your burning questions, how would you use that time?

Last week, our Slack community, Teams at Work, had the opportunity to share their challenges with Pat Kua, former CTO at N26, mentor, and coach. From helping to develop individual contributors, to adapting to hybrid working models, all the way to working with difficult people, Pat shared his micro-coaching advice, and now I’m here to share it with you all.

Here are the top takeaways from our Slack AMA with Pat.

🤝 On delegation and commitment

Q: I have a direct report who…

We’ve all been in situations where we give someone feedback or say something just a little too quickly, and it sparks a defensive reaction. Maybe there’s some tension around being left out of key meetings or stressful call-outs in group chats.

While most of us are well-versed in these communication breakdowns, there are a few key ways we can avoid stepping on toes and triggering defensiveness!

Here are 3 common situations that caused miscommunications — as told by real examples from Bunch community members.

😱 The Group Shaming

Merissa Silk, Head of Product at fundingport

😬 What happened:

I had a slip-up a number of months ago…

There’s been a lot of good news at BUNCH lately, but today I’ve got a bittersweet update to share about the Bunch Assessment, the SaaS platform we launched in 2017 for building high performance teams.

Sadly, we’ll be discontinuing the service after May 30th. This has been a tough decision, and I wanted to share more context with our loyal users.

Why did we decide to discontinue this service?

In short, we have to focus. We’re a small team with a big heart, and we truly care about helping our users build a high-performance culture. …

Darja Gutnick

Co-founder, CEO at Bunch — Helping future leaders grow; bookworm, psychologist and relentless optimist. Grow | Inspire | Stay humble

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